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Hey Santa, I Bet You Can’t Beat These Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

“Hey Santa, I bet you can’t beat these deals!!!”

That’s what a kid, acting a little bit rude might say to our Christmas Merry-maker up North… But it’s true!

These are absolutely the hottest deals, that you will not want to miss – at unheard-of prices.

First, we’ve got the Sony Wifi Blu-Ray Player. Going on sale at Thanksgiving, this one time retail price of $105.00 is going straight down like a ho-ho-ho-ing Santa Claus, sliding onto your roof-top! How can you beat the Black Friday price of $55.00. Get it at Target!

Wait! Don’t spill that Thanksgiving cranberry sauce out of excitement! There is also a Nikon L320 Digital Camera that was $229.00. On Black Friday it is a super low price of $99.00! It is selling at Target too.

And if your kids stay up late, and they open that Nikon L3320 Digital Camera gift a little early, they might take a picture of… One of Santa’s Little Helpers – an elf with an another gift! This time it is the Kindle Fire 7″ HD 16GB Tablet. Originally it was $169.00. On Black Friday get it at Staples where it will be only $79.00!

And don’t forget the Element 50″ 1080p LED HDTV. It was $599.99, but at Target on Black Friday it will be $229.00. Rudolph, quit staring at your red nose, reflected on that shiny new LED HDTV!!!

Get up a little late on Black Friday? Don’t sweat it! Cyber Monday has some outstanding deals too. says that it has got 50% off LeapFrog LeapPad2 Learning Tablets – an Amazon Exclusive!!! And Amazon also has 50% off SpongeBob and VTech toys. Wow! Those gifts will keep the kids out of their parents’ hair!

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