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LG TV’s May Be Spying On People – Investigation Starts


LG’s smart TV’s may be too smart.  A blogger who calls himself DoctorBeet wrote in a blog post earlier this week that he’d run a traffic analysis on his home router and found that whenever he switched the channel, his LG Smart TV would ping LG’s servers with the name of the channel, along with his TV’s individual identification number.  He even tried turning the collection sharing information off and it still was connecting and sharing with LG’s servers.

It seems like almost every device these days is sharing more and more information.  You can’t even go on Facebook without seeing ads related to what you browsed on a completely different website.  Gone are the days of billboard and magazine advertisements.  Now in the digital world, they can collect more information from advertisements and fine tune ad campaigns, whether you like it or not.

LG is being investigated because of this information collection so we’ll see what happens.

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