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Planning for Your First Facebook Ad – 5 Things You Must Know

Social media marketing is the mode of advertising through social media networks. This involves intensive usage of multimedia to attract potential customers. Attractive advertisements make users share the information on their social network. This helps in creating product awareness among the people. When you plan your first Facebook ad, you must make sure that it is special and has the ability to draw people.

1. Using multimedia features: In order to save time, customers prefer to purchase the product online. But before they do that, it is always better to enlighten them about the product. Videos and photos have a greater impact on the customer as compared to written articles.

Publishing pictures of the product on the advertisement is always a good option. Creating a video which high-lightens the exclusive features and concepts of the product is a better method of attracting customers.

Taking pictures of the company office or the manufacturing unit helps to depict the working environment. This also persuades others to work with your organization helping create a friendlier relationship between the consumer and the company.

2. Local social networking: Promoting your product in a target area requires local area networks to create awareness about it. This is extremely important for new companies who are yet to establish their name in the highly competitive market. Make sure your company is advertised on local search engines. Also keep a check on your competitors and the strategies they employ to gain a greater market share.

3. Spreading the brand message: In social media marketing, it is necessary to consider the type of platform and the target audience. Using the same message on various social networks ads does not seem to be a good option now days. The message needs to be modified according to the requirements.

4. Organize contests: Online contests on community pages are a good way to increase sales and promote the product. This will help them know your company. So try to organize an ad which invites others to participate in a contest. Offering discount on selected products also creates a sense of competition. Also give gift coupons and vouchers to your customers.

This is a great method of connecting with your company group. Offers like this also remind them of the benefits of being associated with your company.

5. Push across your message: When advertising in Facebook, push across your message. You can provide a detailed description of the product along with pictures and videos. You might also link your company website to the advertisement and generate traffic. Make the advertisement feature the message you want your audience to see. This message should be one that is catchy and can woo them.

Social media marketing has become a platform for companies to interact with existing customers and make new ones. It is an inexpensive method of introducing new campaigns and products. Social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter allow users to interact with people from all over the world. Pages or Communities of the company provide a medium to launch and promote a product or service.

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