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How New Facebook Timeline Advantageous to Business Users

Facebook launched timeline last year and most users are using it now. There are many changes that Facebook introduced on the interface level that are very beneficial for businesses. What are these changes made by Mark Zuckerberg and how they can make a difference to a business? Well, that is what this article is about.

The Cover Photo

Undoubtedly, the most striking feature of the new interface is the cover photo. It comes right on the top of your entire profile or fan page and does make a statement about you. Though Facebook strictly says no advertising through cover photos, it does not stop you from promoting your brand. Brand promotion does not need website addresses or emails or phone numbers. It just needs to create an emotional impact on the viewers. If the impact is right, they can search for the rest. Many big brands have already done it. They have their strategy clear in their minds and the brand is right in the minds of its fans. Even though you cannot add a visible call to action in your cover photo you can compel them to action by what you show there. It is the face of your brand so it is a good idea to have your logo and your tagline there. In one glance, the cover photo must speak of what your brand is all about.

Custom Tabs

With the arrival of Timeline, we had to bid adieu to default landing tabs. We got custom landing tabs that are equally great. Each tab has a unique URL, as if you want to make a facebook fan page for, so we can share it when we want people to land directly on a particular tab. This is useful when we are running a campaign or a special offer etc. It will now require work to get people on the custom tab because when they land on the main page, they only see small links of the custom tabs on the side. However, a catchy icon increases the chances many times. These can also be used for fan-gating, where only people who like the page will see a particular content. This improves the like rate and also makes the existing fans special.

About Section

The cover photo and custom tabs do their jobs and for everything else we use the about section. This is the place to add links, emails, phone numbers and any other useful information. The other two components have a strong aesthetic appeal, but this is just pure information. This is the place where you can add actually clickable links, brag about your company, its vision and achievements without any hesitation. There is a short about text that is displayed right below your cover photo. This should be a crisp and precise copy of who you are and what you do.

Facebook has always been growing and would continue to grow. There are many more features that can be explored and exploited to the best of their potential. As a brand, the idea is to create lasting impressions on the minds of the users and keep the connected with the business.

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