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Twitter’s Revolutionary Move to Text-Like Messaging

Twitter has changed to look more as a texting app. New notifications on mobile apps that are twitter related are far beyond the company’s recent announcement concerning a new way of searching. It is not simply another app update; the site has changed most of its main features to put more emphasize on trends and messaging.

Twitter is famous for its open a hundred and forty character posts and, lately, short form videos. It has however not being well ranked in terms of messaging other persons directly. The company is however focusing more on messaging, but it is yet to be perfect.

New messaging experience

The first time I did an update on my twitter app and looked into my Daily mail inbox, I was given an encouragement to go into my address book so that I could have a” private chart” with pals already using twitter. Having a connection with your phone book contacts is the very first step after one downloads a messaging app. This is rumored to be the first step the company has taken to build a perfect messaging service.

Now direct messages look more like Apple’s iMessages with the iconic time stamps and the date just below the text bubble. In addition, when you have an access to your daily mails, you can decide to indicate “all read,” to create space in your inbox.

At last, on clicking an icon so as to compose a message, you will see the notification “suggested users”. This directs you to connect with your followers. It is not yet clear how the suggested users are come up with but it is completely not based on the people you have messaged more in the recent past.

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