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Google To Launch Its Wireless Carrier Service Today

Google is going to launch is MVNO wireless service today, WSJ claims. Google’s move is a direct threat to famous carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile and other companies. Google wants to make an ecosystem around its devices. This is why the company is making a major disruptive move which will have repercussions in the market.

Google’s wireless service will only charge you for the data you use. Users will be able to claim a refund for the unused data if they opt for packages. This is a great feature which will imbibe a number of users towards Google’s new services because the current carrier are bad when it comes to user satisfaction.

Initially, Google’s wireless service will only be available for the Vanilla devices—- the Nexus devices which are developed by Google. But the search engine giant has its plans to expand the services across the US.

The best part of Google’s wireless services is that you will be able to switch in-between different carriers. So if you see that the signal strength of Verizon is strong in a specific area, you could quickly tap and switch to Verizon.

The pricing model of the Google’s new wireless service hasn’t been revealed yet. Google has confirmed that it has plans to launch its own wireless service. Google will route your calls and messages via Wifi to reduce your bills.

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