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Apple To Launch iOS 9, New Macs, OS X, Displays in WWDC 2015

Apple recently issued an invite for its Worldwide Developers’ Conference 2015. WWDC is a mega event of Apple held every year in which the tech giant tells its roadmap for the yearly product releases. This year, you could expect something big coming from Apple including Apple TV updates, iOS 9, new versions of Macbook and Mac OS X.

It is highly likely that Apple will release iOS 9. It will be a refresh to its mobile OS line for iPhones, iPad and iPod. There are already a lot of rumors swirling around regarding the release of iOS 9. An article on Macworld said that many sources have spotted iOS 9 in web analytics months ago and it can be said that Apple is in the testing phase for iOS 9.

It is also expected that Apple will launch the new version of its OS X for Mac line. Currently, the Macs are powered by Mac OS X Yosemite. The new version, which will be Mac OS X 10.11 will have some game-changing features. But still, nothing could be said with surety about the plans of Apple.

Regarding iPhones and iPads, you won’t hear any good news because the new iPhones (iPhone 6S, iPhone 7) are slated to be launched in September this year and it will be pointless to shatter the suspense.

It’s been a long time since Apple revealed its Thunderbolt display. The company could launch a new Thunderbolt display supporting 4K or Retina technology.

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