Technology Gets A PR8


I’m surprised I didn’t catch this earlier, and if someone from Mashable is reading this they are probably laughing at me.  But I just noticed that now has a PR8 (PageRank of 8).

What’s PageRank you ask?  According to the meta data of the PageRank button on the Google toolbar, PageRank is “Google’s view of the importance of this page.”

For as long as I can remember, carried a PR7.  And then when I looked this morning, I noticed the PR8.

I haven’t really noticed the PR ranking of Mashable so much lately because I hardly ever use Firefox as a web browser.  I’ve pretty much converted whole heartily over to Chrome.  And why wouldn’t I – I can open and close Chrome about 5 times before Firefox will load once.

So congrats to for the PR8.  Here’s a list of other PR8 sites that Mashable has now joined the ranks of:

CNN’s Political Ticker

NYTimes Krugman Blog

Google Blog

There’s probably a lot more (maybe, maybe not…) sites that have a PR8, but this is a list I grabbed by doing a great search through Technorati’s Top 100 blog list.

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