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Facebook Ranked #2 Video Site In The US (Charts)


The growth rate of Facebook is nothing less than extraordinary (to say the least). Back in March 2010, it was reported that Facebook actually generated more page views than Google.  Wow – never thought I’d hear something like that!

Here’s a chart:

facebook vs google

And on July 21st, Facebook announced they reached the 500 million user mark – another phenomenal achievement.

Well to add another feather in the Facebook cap, today it has been announced that Facebook is now the second largest video site in the United States, according to ComScore. But don’t think that Facebook is going to trump Google (YouTube and Google Videos) anytime soon. While Facebook is second with 243,210 viewing sessions in the month of August, Google (which includes both YouTube and Google Videos) came in at 1,903,240.

Here’s the chart showing how video sites rank:

us video sites


via ComScore, Mashable

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