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National Pancake Day – IHOP Offers Free Pancakes

For those of us that are just addicted to all kinds of pancakes, there comes a day when we celebrate this amazing desert and its creation.

On the National Pancake Day, you will have a chance to celebrate the origin of pancakes, as well as to get a free stack of buttermilk pancakes.

This offer is available in the listed IHOP locations where you can get up to one free stack of pancakes per person.

Benefits of the National Pancake Day

As we all know, to participate in this amazing IHOP offer, you will only be asked to donate as much as you can afford to donate to the children’s hospitals that IHOP is working closely with.

Moreover, by donating the regular price you would pay for a portion of buttermilk pancakes, you will significantly help the charities that IHOP is working with.

This way not only would you fill your stomach with amazing pancakes, but you would also help the children in need of food, clothes and other things they need.

Namely, IHOP is planning to donate as much as $4 million for help to charities with children in need.

This is one more reason to choose the IHOP and its franchises to celebrate the National Pancakes day in.

Interesting activities on this day

What more could a person ask for other than eating pancakes and enjoying the whole day?

Although that is a prize by itself, on the National Pancake Day,  by choosing IHOP franchises to celebrate the day in, you can also participate and win some prizes on the interesting competitions for customers.

Every year, IHOP organizes competitive activities where you can win very interesting prizes.

Although it would be very nice to win a scooter, bicycle or jacket, there is one prize that is a dream of each pancake lover – the pancake for life offer.

By winning this amazing prize, you will get a voucher that will give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite pancakes for years in any IHOP franchise.

You can also win a gift coupon valued up to $500 which you can use in any IHOP location.

We highly recommend eating at IHOP on the National Pancake Day while it will both please your taste, and by donating to charities for children in need, you will feel like you spent this day in a high-quality manner.

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