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Mad Mike Hughes Dies in a Tragic Rocket Crash Accident

A terrible incident has occurred this Saturday as the famous daredevil known for his nickname “Mad Mike Hughes” has died in an aftermath of a rocket crash.

As we know, the rocket he was riding in was his piece of art, since it was self-designed, while this was his second attempt to launch himself in a rocket near the Mojave Desert.

Namely, Mad Mike Hughes has previously tried to launch himself over 5000 meters into the Earth’s atmosphere in 2018, but that attempt ended by a crash in the Mojave Desert and Mad Mike was injured.

The crush was witnessed by over 50 people, some of which were journalists and TV crew of the Science channel that was preparing a special show with Mad Mike Hughes as the main character named “Homemade Astronaut”.

The Fatal Crash

Not everything surrounding this crash is clear but we do know that something went terribly wrong since, in the previous crash, Mad Mike has survived with only injuries and few broken bones.

The journalist that was profiling Hughes for his article was introduced to the launching procedure, so he knew that something went wrong.

As the journalist has stated, the steel ladders which Mad Mike used to climb into the rocket cockpit, interfered with the rocket wall and damaged the parachute that was later on caught in the thrust of the rocket.

This resulted in inefficiency to deploy the parachute, and as the witnesses stated, that is what could have cost Mad Mike his life.

As we know, after Mad Mike successfully reached considerable altitude, the rocket nose turned and starting falling directly into the Mojave Desert floor.

Previous Stunts of Mad Mike Hughes

The rocket ride was not the only stunt that Hughes was attempting in the last 20 years.

He was previously known for setting the world record of a limousine jump when he jumped over 103 ft of distance driving a Lincoln Town Car.

In recent years, he believed that the Earth was flat, and tried to perform a rocket ride that will lift him above 5000 meters into the atmosphere.

He also modified his homemade rocket after an unsuccessful launch and crash in 2018.

The daredevil will always be remembered for his unconventional beliefs and thinking and of course, for setting such impressive records and stunts.

Mad Mike Hughes will certainly live on as an inspiration for many.

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