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Team LeBron Wins in All-Star Match

Anthony Davis made a walk-off free throw and Team LeBron defeated Team Giannis in the 69th NBA All-Star Game on Sunday.
Team Lebron took a victory which was ensured by Davis’s game-ending free throw giving his team 157 – 155 over Team Giannis.
In this charity-based All-Star game, Team LeBron represented After School Matters organization and its opponent stood behind Chicago Scholars.

Spectacular Show

In that light, the winning team took 200 000$ prize which all went to those in need. Therefore, an extra 100 000$ was netted from third-quarter tie.
Kobe Bryant would be proud if he was watching this intense match. Many tributes by both teams and the event itself were made to his honor.
Both teams wore uniforms with numbers 2 and 24. That is representing numbers Kobe and his daughter Gigi were wearing for their teams.
Moreover, a targeted final score of fourth quarter was determined by adding 24points to the score of the team. Who had a lead after three quarters, as a tribute to the legendary Kobe.

Overview of the match

Team LeBron was struggling to come on top, as the game was tied in third-quarter.
LeBron gave his team a lead by scoring 156 – 153 over the opposing team. However, Chris Paul was a step from bringing his team a victory, but he missed his 3pointer shoot.
On the other hand, Joel Embiid brought his team a 155 – 156 score with two successful free throws.
Preceding this, James Harden from Houston Rockets was denied two points and a potential score of 156 – 153 to the team LeBron. Obviously, a review revealed that Antetokounmpo successfully blocked Harden’s layup which was initially considered a goaltending.
In the blazing final quarter, Kyle Lowry took two charges and got an official challenge which reversed a foul call and made a change of possession by tieing the game at 152.

Substantially, 133 – 124 score was in favor of Team Giannis after three quarters and this team also led 92 – 83 at halftime. Anyhow, Young ensured it by rocking the buzzer from a half-court shot.
Likewise, the Greek freak dominated the second quarter and contributed to his team’s victory in this quarter with persuasive 51 – 30.

Team LeBron ruled the first quarter

In spite of the uncertainty in the rest of the quarters, Team LeBron started by leading in the first quarter. In that light, responsible for 53 – 41 were the team LeBron players who did the astonishing 9 out of 18 shots, gaining 3-points for each.
Finally, this was a game worth remembering. Very tense and unpredictable with well-deserved honors paid to legendary Kobe. Moreover, the fact that the prize from the game was going to charity gave it all deeper purpose.

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