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Amie Harwick Found Dead – Police suspects Ex-Boyfriend did it

Amie Harwick, a Hollywood therapist who held a B.A. in psychology, died after suspected homicide committed by her ex-boyfriend.

Namely, she was found early on Saturday, severely injured under her’s home balcony located at Hollywood Hills.

Amie Harwick was a former model and author of “The New sex Bible for women” book

In addition to being marriage and family therapist, Harwick was a former playboy model and she had written “The New Sex Bible for Women “. She had also appeared in a documentary from 2015 called Addicted to sexting.

As we all see, Amie was specialized in clinical psychology and she had been working successfully with many clients in the need of psychological help. She helped people with variety of problems including sex addiction, anxiety, domestic violence, and sexual traumas just to name a few.

Harwick’s ex-boyfriend is behind the murder

Gareth Pursehouse,  Amie ex-partner with whom she was living for several years, committed the homicide said the police.

Reportedly, 6ft4 Gareth had a history of violent behavior over Amie Harwick.

Even during their relationship, Amie told her friends that she constantly had this odd feeling regarding Gareth. Allegedly, Harwick wasn’t feeling safe around this guys and she even thought about getting mace or a pepper spray in case she was in need for it.

Furthermore, Amie Harwick filed multiple restraining orders against Gareth. It all started when he pushed her from a car.

In these orders, Gareth was accused of choking, suffocating and kicking former model and also breaking into her house a few times. More ever, he told Amie that things are going to get worse.

Amie bumped into Gareth at January

Amie’s friend and fellow therapist claimed what supposedly set Pursehouse on fire again. Namely, Amie bumped into her ex at the XBiz adult film awards event being held at Los Angeles at January.

 It was bad luck for Amie Harwick as she once again suffered Gareth’s threating and savage abuse. Therefore, during the encounter, Gareth made a scene and went crazy.

In addition to this, Amie was also abused by his constant stalking and obsessive outbursts. She witnessed his anger/obsessive actions many times before.

Reportedly, PurseHouse was throwing and breaking their photo frames onto Amie’s doors one day and the next day he came back with a bunch of roses feeling sorry.

Roommate went to help Amie Harwick

In the night of the murder, Gareth broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house and assaulted her. Roomate, who was with Amie at the time of the attack, jumpes the wall to escape the scene and called for help.

Therefore, police had found the roommate outside and further evidence showed that Harwick was attacked inside her house. She was found with blunt injuries occurring from the fall.

Unfortunately, this was the end for Amie Harwick and the injuries were fatal as she later died in the hospital. In that light, Gareth Pursehouse was officially arrested for first-degree residential burglary and is eligible for the death penalty.

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