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Zion Williamson Schooled – LeBron James Puts Him in His Place

After going through recovery from the knee injury, Zion Williamson has finally faced LeBron James in one of the most anticipated clashes this season.

Fans were delighted to see just how well will the rookie superstar cope with King James and his Lakers, and one thing is for sure – they had put up quite a show for the audience.

As we all know, great hype is following Zion Williamson while many are saying that he is the best NBA rookie to show since the draft of LeBron James in 2003.

Zion did not disappoint against LeBron’s Lakers, although his field shot percentage was one of the lowest for him this season.

The Rise of Zion Williamson

Namely, up until now, Zion Williamson has had a very efficient season since in every previous game he succeeded in scoring above 20 points.
He also managed to have impressive field shot percentage by only going under 50% in the game against the Lakers and one more time before that.

There is no doubt that Zion is now already the inspiration for many young NBA players.

Being such an athlete is always helpful for a player on his position, so although LeBron James scored 40 points and proved that he is the rightful NBA King, Zion Williamson has surely made some spectacular plays and scores on Tuesday night.

Will Zion Impact the Game as LeBron did?

As the season progress, it is clear that even in his first NBA season Zion is already doing a magnificent job.

He is certainly the key figure of New Orleans Pelicans since when he is on the court, the team is sure to score more points, in comparison to when he is not on the field.

By adding 29 points to his team’s count on Tuesday, he made it much more difficult for James and his teammates to play their own game and that resulted in a very close finish of the game that ended 118 – 109 for the Lakers.

But, we should also be aware of the impact that LeBron made on the game which he has proven once again by having spectacular numbers in the Tuesday Night’s game considering that King James is now 35 years old.

When asked regarding the role of Zion Williamson after the game, LeBron James has stated that he will definitely shape out into one of the league’s best players in the future years.

Moreover, he referred to Zion’s game as spectacular, so there is no wonder if Zion Williamson shapes his game after LeBron.

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