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Rockets’ Russell Westbrook For the Win – Another Close to Triple-Double Performance

Russell Westbrook has returned in style in the Wednesday’s Rockets victory over Memphis Grizzlies by scoring 33 points.

After missing the previous game recovering from the injury, he had a spectacular role for the win by adding 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals, therefore, benefit the team in every aspect.

As we all know, Russell enjoys taking a lot of field shots but interestingly he made only two 3 point attempts in this game.

His main weapon this Wednesday was the high percentage of field points scored, mostly within the 6,75 line.

The Return of Westbrook and the Rockets

This season Russell Westbrook is having one of the best statistics in recent years.

He has improved his playing style and with the help of James Harden, he manages to keep the Rockets in the high play-off position.

In the game against the Grizzlies, this duo has scored 63 points, and the question is how will they be able to put up even better performances as the season continues.

As it comes to Russell he is playing a very important role for the Rockets this season, and so far he has been doing a great job.

Few injuries have stopped him to perform in some games, but when he is on the field, the Rockets are making much better stats and scoring more points.

In the latest games, he has been wasting much less balls, having reduced his 3 point shooting, that combined with smart resolutions near the basket provided great numbers for Russell in this game.

Moreover, he finished as the leading scorer of the Rockets in the game, which encourages the coach and the team that he will be able to play in his best form for the most important games of the season.

With average point-scoring percent of 28 points per game, he is bringing more solutions to the offensive of the team, while also having a considerable number of rebounds, assists and steals per game so it seems like he is always very close to the triple-double.

One thing is for sure as the season moves on – we can surely have very high expectations from Russell Westbrook and the Rockets.

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