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Is the iPhone 12 worth it? Word of an Expert

The iPhone 12 ranges in price from $800 to $1000 – so let see what makes it so special and is the iPhone 12 worth it?  

What`s new about iPhone12

As we’ve come to expect iPhone 12 has a faster processor and improved camera. In addition to all of that, there’s a new design, a new OLED screen, an entirely new charging and accessory ecosystem with MagSafe, and, of course, 5G. 


The first thing that will catch your attention is the new design of the iPhone 12. With its flat screen and flat sides, it feels new, because since 2014 we’ve had a design with curved edges. 


Finally, the headline feature for the iPhone 12 is that it now supports 5G. The idea of being able to browse almost instantaneously, download faster and stream in higher quality sounds appealing. However, you may not be able to access 5G easily outside of large cities – and even then, it’s not complete coverage.


Besides 5G, there is one more headline feature – MagSafe. It`s the same magnetic technology that Apple has previously used on MacBooks to connect the power adapter.

Here, the magnets are arranged in a circle under the rear case of the iPhone, enabling the introduction of a range of new accessories that simply click onto the back of the iPhone 12 handsets.

Unfortunately, there are some bad sides. As you may have already heard, Apple isn’t shipping a charging adapter or headphones in box with the iPhone 12. Some customers are revolted saying that isn’t worth giving all that money and not receiving essentials. 

iPhone12 models and prices 

  • iPhone 12, $800 – an upgraded version of standard Phone 11, but more expensive with Apple adding $100 to the price
  • iPhone 12 mini, $700 – new smaller-form iPhone, with a 5.4-inch screen 
  • iPhone 12 Pro, $1,000 – 6.1-inch model with extra camera tricks.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max, $1,100 – 6.7-inch model with extra camera tricks.

Is the iPhone 12 worth it?

The answer o this question depends on your needs. If you are an iPhone lover who just wants o update, you will be satisfied with the new features. Also, it`s a very good choice if you need a bigger screen and a better camera. But if you just looking for a new phone, Phone 11 will probably meet your needs for much less money. 

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