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Are iPhone 11 devices 5G optimized?

Many of us are wondering are iPhone 11 5G optimized? However, they are not.

Apple’s 2019 iPhone models are not 5G optimized. This is leaving the iPhone without the next-generation leap in mobile data speeds we’ve seen on recent smartphones from Samsung, LG, and OnePlus.

Are iPhone 11 5G featured?

Even though it may seem that Apple was one step behind other smartphones from last year, it was a smart move. 5G is expected to become the next-generation standard for data speed, but for now, coverage is very poor. 

Last year, when iPhone 11 came out 5G was quite a mess. Apple has always had high standards, so they decided to wait a little bit longer. Apple has never been first to these things.

Who’s to say different?

The original iPhone launched on 2G/Edge when many other phones were 3G-capable at the time. Apple was in no hurry to make the jump to 4G and LTE. It waited until the iPhone 5 before doing so. Considering this, no one expected the company to be quick with 5G.

Last year, 5G was very unstable. In the best circumstances, faster 5G speeds worked within one neighborhood, or perhaps the city center. In the worst, there were incredibly high fast speeds one intersection at a time, and only outdoors, with 5G frequently falling back to 4G.

iPhone 12 – First Apple`s 5G optimized device

Right now, the situation is much better with 5G than it was last year. All of the iPhone 12 models in this year’s lineup support 5G connectivity. 

But don`t forget That the biggest feature on the iPhone 12 will be largely out of Apple’s control. It will be in the hands of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Depending on your carrier and where you live, your 5G experience on an iPhone 12 could vary greatly. It’s an unusual position for Apple, which is known for its insistence on crafting virtually every aspect of its products, from the hardware to its software. 

Depending on the carrier, 5G comes in a variety of frequencies, some that offer truly mind-bending speeds but lack the reach to connect to your phone all the time.

Other frequencies have a long reach and stable connectivity but offer speeds that aren’t much faster than 4G LTE. Some parts of the US have 5G networks from all three major US carriers, others have zero coverage.

We have to wait a little bit longer to completely enjoy 5G. 

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