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Can iPhone 12 be pre-ordered? Should I do it?

The main question many Apple fans ask themselves is can iPhone 12 be pre-ordered? Well, you most certainly can! Let’s see more about that.

iPhone 12 preorders are currently available for all users. To be more specific, this applies to two models. You can currently purchase the iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro, although it’s unlikely that everyone will get them both immediately.

Can iPhone 12 be pre-ordered?

After the first few hours when the preorders began on Friday morning, the iPhone 12 Pro delivery date estimates went into November with free shipping, or a couple of days earlier if can afford the faster shipping option.  

The iPhone 12 is set for delivery on the day it will launch, Friday, Oct. 23, when the first two models will also hit the stores. If you are interested in the iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 12 Pro Max, you’ll have to wait until Nov. 6 to order it, and until Nov. 13 for it to get shipped.

This year, Apple is trying to release all the iPhone 12 models in different time periods. This means that different models will go out at different times, so you should follow all the latest news.  

All US carriers and retailers are expected to begin with the preorders and deliveries at the same time.

Why you might want to wait before preordering

There are a number of reasons why you may want to purchase an iPhone 12 today. You have lost or broken your phone, you’ve been saving cash for a while, or maybe your parents are willing to get you your own first phone.

But you should ask yourself: Is there a difference between an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 11, Xr, or SE (2nd Generation) device? Is it better to buy something a bit less expensive?

The new iPhone 12 series looks different from past iPhone devices because of their flat sides, new color tones, and a modified display shape.

If you have an iPhone that was purchased brand new a few years ago, there is a good chance that the new iPhone isn’t going to deliver a much different experience for you.

You should take a few factors into consideration; the lack of 5G connectivity in your area or a relative lack of hands-on support from 3rd-party vendors at this time of global pandemic.

Consider all of these factors before you make a choice on preordering it. 

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