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Rising Videos: Tim Tebow Gets Knocked Out

Here’s the video of Tim Tebow getting knocked out in the game against Kentucky. Tim Tebow has since been released from the hospital. We can fully expect Tim Tebow to back on the field for next weeks game. Although this video wasn’t produced by a fan in the stands, or some other citizen journalism video, […]

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NBA To Release Twitter & Social Networking Policy

NBA Twitter Policies There is certainly no shortage of fear and concern amongst the world of professional sports when it comes to social media sites like Twitter. And just like the steps the NFL took to reduce and control Twitter usage, it’s now the NBA’s turn to implement their own set of policies. This coming […]

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FanFeedr – The Evolution of Sports News

Have you heard of FanFeedr? Me neither until today.  And let me tell you what drew me to their site. It’s not the fact that they advertise themselves as having live, up to the minute news, Twitter updates, videos, and more from sports, nor was it the fact that I could actually type in “Georgia […]

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Twitter Launches NFL Football With Bills vs. Titans & Vince Young

Well, if you wanted an early indication of the impact that Twitter will have on the upcoming football season, take a look at the trending topics at 9:30pm eastern time: 4 out of the 6 trending topics are directly related to the Bills / Titan game making reference to “NFL” “Football” “Bills” and “Vince Young”. […]

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What Apple and LeBron James Have In Common

Question: What does LeBron James and Apple have in common? Answer: they both made the mistake of thinking they can keep information “silent” in today’s information age! LeBron made this mistake when he thought that he could keep a video leaking of Xavier’s Jordan Crawford dunking on him at some basketball camp (see video below). […]