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Twitter Launches NFL Football With Bills vs. Titans & Vince Young

nfl-fail-whaleWell, if you wanted an early indication of the impact that Twitter will have on the upcoming football season, take a look at the trending topics at 9:30pm eastern time:

4 out of the 6 trending topics are directly related to the Bills / Titan game making reference to “NFL” “Football” “Bills” and “Vince Young”.

So when the season gets underway, all you have to do is turn to Twitter search, search your favorite team, and get caught up on minute by minute plays and stats.

And that’s just the NFL that’s currently trending with the first preseason game.

What’s it going to be like when college football gets underway in the just a few short week?

We are going to see some serious trending topics blowing up across both the college and professional football scene.

I’m actually very excited about seeing the impact of technology, sports, and how it relates and facilitates fans tracking their teams and taking part in online discussions.

The term “NFL” is currently leading the way in Twitter trends at #5, followed by “football” at #6, “Bills” at #8, and “Vince Young” at #10.

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