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UFC 101 – Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin Video Found On Twitter, Not YouTube

ufcSo here I am, wanting to check out the results of the UFC 101 fight between Anderson Siva and Forrest Griffin and I did what any reasonably minded person would do – I went to YouTube!

I mean, if there’s a relevant video out there, surely I could find it on YouTube right?


The video wasn’t anywhere to be found on YouTube.  Sure I could find all kinds of pre-fight videos, interviews leading up to the fight, the weight in, etc… but no actually videos of the fight itself.

Now by the time you read this and make your way to YouTube you might be able to find it – depends on how much time has passed between now (August 9th @ 10:04PM EST) and when you check it, but surely right now the video isn’t there.

So I head on over to Twitter search and type in “UFC 101 video” and sure enough, I found several links that took me to the video of the actual fight.

It was a great experience in discovering the power of Twitter search as compared to YouTube.

Watch The Fight Here

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