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GM Turns To Ebay To Help Sell Cars – Starting Tuesday in California

gm-ebay-logoI have to give credit to GM (General Motors) for considering using Ebay to increase new call sales.

According to a CNBC article today, GM is now turning to eBay in an experimental effort to increase sales. And the starting point for the experiment is California.

GM figures that California is a great place to start because of the tech-heavy companies, and those that work for those companies, would be more inclined to be online and use eBay to shop for cars.

eBay Motors sells more cars online and than any other web-based auto market. And GM is now turning to them to help them lift up their slumping sales.

Here’s part of the release that came from CNBC:

General Motors and eBay are expected to announce Monday that hundreds of the auto maker’s California dealers will let consumers haggle over the prices of new cars and trucks through the online marketplace, as part of a previously disclosed trial.About 225 of California’s 250 GM [MTLQQ 0.756 UNCH (0) ] dealers are set to take part in the program, which will begin on Tuesday. They will be selling Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and Pontiac vehicles on cobranded Web sites through eBay’s online auto marketplace, eBay Motors, until Sept. 8. The cars will also be searchable through eBay Motors and eBay’s main site.

This will be an exciting story to follow and we’ll make sure that we keep you updated with the latest information as we receive it.

So what are your thoughts about GM turning to Ebay to lift sales of new cars?

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