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What Apple and LeBron James Have In Common

apple-new-logo-lg1Question: What does LeBron James and Apple have in common?

Answer: they both made the mistake of thinking they can keep information “silent” in today’s information age!

LeBron made this mistake when he thought that he could keep a video leaking of Xavier’s Jordan Crawford dunking on him at some basketball camp (see video below).

Apple made the exact same mistake by thinking they could “silence” a family over an exploding iPod.

What’s the lesson here?

Remember that in today’s day of instantly information, videos, photos, Twitter, etc… that nothing is sacred.  If people are determined to get information up on the web, there is literally nothing that can’t stop it.

I mean, look at the Iran election debacle.  As hard as the Iranian government tried to silence the people and cut off web access, the more we saw Twitter and Facebook lighting up with up to the minute information.

If Apple and LeBron James just let the matters go and didn’t make such a big deal about it, these matters would not have become as talked about as they are now. But when you purposely try to conceal something, it only grows bigger by the moment (gee, sounds like a lesson for my kids!)

So now let me play my part in information dissemination – here’s the LeBron video that shows him getting dunked on by Xavier’s Jordan Crawford:

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