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Drew Brees changes his mind about players that are protesting

Drew Brees, who previously stated that NFL player who took a knee during National Anthem is disrespectful, apologized. 

In the light of current events regarding the murder of George Floyd and mass protests it had started, NFL players wanted to show support.

Drew Brees apologized on Instagram Thursday

New Orleans Saints quarterback said he is sorry for the pain he caused. Especially, in these difficult giddying times for the U.S.

In that light, he admitted he is sensitive to the American flag and National Anthem. Since they are symbols of unity and respect.

However, he realized he made some comments which lacked empathy and were insensitive towards what “we are facing right now as a country.”

Besides, other professional football players, with the lead of Colin Kaepernick, also took a knee during the anthem, 2016.

Anyhow, Drew Brees received criticism from many people, among which LeBron and Stephen Jackson, former NBA player.

Furthermore, Jackson who knew Floyd, said that Drew Brees is a smart guy that made wrong and naïve comments at the time.

Meanwhile, Brees added in his apology that he had different intentions and that he “is sick” with the way people perceived his comments.

Even more, Drew Brees shared he will commit his time and days to fight for what is right, now that he is aware.

Brees apology went on a blast

Many black voices are angry and baffled with how Drew Brees said showed disrespect, and only an apology won’t do much.

Therefore, many suspect Drew’s honesty and call his supposed apology a “PR move” and insufficient enough.

In that light, Tobias Harris, Philadelphia 76ers forward, wrote to Brees to “take his ass” on camera and apologize.

Nonetheless, Harris continued by urging Brees to take the action forward and show through actual deeds he’s sorry and serious.

Moreover, many black football players believe this will be a hell of a season for Drew Brees. Meaning that, regarding his career, other players and fans.

Finally, there were some good words for Brees as a man, coming from Lamar Louis. Who is his teammate for a brief time in 2016.

Further, Drew and Lamar had a long intellectual talk. Where Lamar said Brees is “a smart man”. However, he showed ignorance and lack of care to fight for what’s right.

Altogether, New Orleans quarterback needs to man up and stand behind his apology the right way.

Therefore, Brees should roll his sleeves up and start working towards justice. 

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