Brett Favre Grizzly Adams Beard (Picture)

brett favre beard grizzly

This is what Brett Favre is up to today.  This picture is circling around Reddit.  He sure does look old, but he is damn jacked.  It seems like he’s in better physical shape than when he played football.

Will the Broncos Game be the Only Super Bowl Blowout?

The biggest difference so far in NFL Super Bowl history is 45 points.  Ironically it’s the Broncos with the worst point difference!  Woah, hopefully they don’t repeat history!  Here’s the top 5 right here. DIFF SB  WINNER PTS LOSER PTS … Continued

Bruno Mars Super Bowl Show is Awesome

Bruno Mars’ performance at this year’s Super Bowl was very impressive.  His type of music seemed a mix of old style and new, which I think was a great mix for all demographics.  To me, he almost sounds like Michael … Continued

Ways to Attract People To Your New Retail Business

It’s easy to give advice about getting people inside your business, but it’s more difficult to follow it. The topic calls for a book, however, following these suggestions is a step in the right direction. Get Personal Your business plan … Continued