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Shakira amazes everyone at Super Bowl 2020 – Jennifer Lopez shines as well

One thing is certain, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed more than well in a sensational show at Super Bowl 2020. This year’s Super Bowl took place in Miami and Shakira nailed it at half time. The show had all! First, these two divas performed with outstanding dance moves and choreography. Second, there were some really […]

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Nikki Bella is Pregnant – Surprise is even bigger

Famous WWE superstar Nikki Bella announced her pregnancy. The retired WWE wrestler is pregnant and she certainly hopes that everything will go as planned. Anyhow, the fact that she’s having a baby in her 36s is actually quite brave and ambitious. However, that’s not all! Her twin sister Brie Bella is also pregnant and the […]

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Roger Federer wins in an epic match versus John Millman

Tennis superstar Roger Federer won against John Millman in an outstanding match. Everyone who had the pleasure to watch this match could agree on one thing. It was spectacular! Roger Federer is surprised by John Millman playstyle and he made a few comments on that topic. “Oh God, it was tough. Thank God it was […]