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Dunk Contest 2020-Outstanding Performance

On the night of the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest 2020 competition, we witnessed one of the best shows and battles between the two amazing athletes – Derrick Jones Jr. and Aaron Gordon.

The two have put up quite a show and in the end, a very close decision made a winner.

Gordon, who was on the verge of victory after a spectacular dunk over Tacko Fall, while having perfect scores in 4 rounds consecutively.

For that spectacular dunk, Gordon gained 47 points from the officials.

As numerous statements say after the Dunk Contest, both players deserved the win since we hadn’t seen such an intense Dunk Contest in years.

Some Amazing Dunks Were Seen

As we all know, amazing dunks are expected of such an event, so let’s focus on some of the best seen last night.

We have witnessed dunks over very tall players, off the backboard and through the legs which are a specialty of modern-day NBA athletes.

Aaron Gordon managed to get maximum points on four rounds and still did not make enough points for the win.

Namely, many say that the only fair finish of the event was for both players to get a trophy – that is just how dramatic this Dunk Contest 2020 was.

Gordon hit a dunk on the side of the backboard, by doing a 360-degree windmill which was one of the best dunks of the evening.

On the other hand, Derrick Jones made several spectacular dunks through the legs with massive jumping ability.

The winning dunk was done by Derrick Jones while combining the free-throw takeoff and a windmill which has resulted in him getting 48 points as a result of this amazing unpredictable dunk.

Overall, the two have put up quite a show for the audience tonight.

The Dunk Contest History

The drama generated through this year’s NBA Dunk Contest reminded the spectators of some of the previous spectacular competitions over the years.

Although the Dunk Contest was the discipline of NBA

weekend for years, fans say that this final reminded them of 1988 final where Michael Jordan faced Dominique Wilkins in an epic battle.

That year the contest was in Chicago and the two players that finished first and second scorers of the league that season faced each other to decide the winner.

Michael Jordan won a trophy that night, but the word is that many still believe to this day that Wilkins was a rightful winner.

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