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Andrew Wiggins is a Perfect Fit – Warriors Made a Good Call

Even though Andrew Wiggins struggled a bit in his NBA career, it is time for him to show what he is made out of. Namely, Andrew Wiggins is now a part of the well-known NBA giant, the Warriors. Moreover, as we can all see, most of the Golden State Warrior’s fans are quite thrilled that this young lad joined their team.

In addition to that, Andrew former coach Thibodeau stated that this NBA player is a perfect fit in the Golden State Warriors for so many reasons. Simply put, he is a team player and a very motivated player when it comes to winning. Therefore, this transfer will ensure that both Warriors and Andrew Wiggins are benefiting.

Andrew Wiggins is Easy to Play with

It’s not always easy to come into a team with so many superstars and just give your best. However, that’s exactly what Andrew Wiggins should do.

He is in perfect shape as a 22-year old player and he is able to bring a lot to the team.

Thibodeau, the former coach of Andrew said with certainty, “I think a change of scenery will be good for him”.

He then said something that we all thought:

“When you’re around Steph (Curry), you’re around Klay (Thompson) and you’re around Draymond (Green), I think that experience will really help him. I think that’ll help bring the best out of him.”

As we can see, if Andrew Wiggins connects with the team, as he should, there will not be much that can stop them.

Surprise for all

One thing is certain; no one actually saw this thing coming. Therefore, the change for Andrew is good, and we surely hope that he achieves everything he ever wanted.

On top of that, Andrew Wiggins did rattle some cages with this transfer.

Tyus Jones tweeted:

“Wiggs gonna be scary in Golden State. Great fit”

LaVine tweeted:

“Wig about to thrive in Golden State. That’s a great fit

Now, we can all see that everyone is strongly referring to Andrew’s capabilities. Furthermore, it’s more than obvious that everyone is saying that the will be a Perfect fit. Well, we can’t say that he won’t be a good fit, but, he really needs to step up and do it with style.

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