Apple beats Samsung in Phone Sales and Revenue With Clear Margins

Apple has finally crossed Samsung in the long, grueling race which is continuing since years. In Q4 2014, Apple sold 74.8 million smartphones whereas Samsung sold around 73 million smartphones. Apple also reported the biggest ever profit in a quarter ever: $18 billion. Apple is continuing to take the market by storm. The company has the highest market cap and on its way to be the first company in the US with a market cap of $1 trillion. Samsung on the other hand is struggling because of rising smartphone players like Xiaomi, Microsoft, HP and Sony.

According to Gartner, Apple has around 20.4% market share in the overall phone market. Samsung’s share is on the decline and in Q4 2014, Samsung market share went to 19%. The reason behind the loss in the market share of Samsung is its lack of a solid product strategy. Gartner recommends Samsung to follow an ecosystem approach like Apple. Samsung must develop its own apps, software, hardware and services to garner a wide customer base.

But Samsung was the biggest phone vendor in 2014, beating Apple by a larger different. Samsung shipped 307.5 million smartphones whereas Apple shipped 191.4 million smartphones in 2014. But in Q4, things changed drastically, thanks to the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Customers around the world were waiting for a big-sized phone from Apple. Samsung had the edge in the market because of its large screen phones. When Apple launched big phones, sales of Samsung tumbled. But the complete picture will come out in one or two quarters from now as the iPhone 6 sales come to normal.