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Blackberry Planning to Launch New Tablet and Touch Phone

Blackberry’s CEO John Chen has announced that his company might roll out a Blackberry tablet soon. He has not given a date neither said that a tablet is in works. Chen said that Blackberry tablet is ‘on his mind’ and you could expect a tablet in the coming months. But many experts think that Blackberry is far from launching a new tablet, especially at this time when the tablet market is on the decline.

The tablet sales have plummeted across the globe. On the other hand, Blackberry has less than 1% market share. Its smartphone have failed to imbibe the customer base. Blackberry still has the small, targeted, productivity focused Enterprise customers, which make up a negligible amount of market.

Blackberry revealed its new touch phone, with slide-out keyboard and curved edges. The company hasn’t announced a launch date yet. Before this, Blackberry launched two new phones: Blackberry Classic and Blackberry Passport.

Blackberry Passport is a phablet, with an enormous size and some impressive features, but so far, the sales have not elevated.

Blackberry has tried its luck in the table business some year ago when it launched Blackberry PlayBook. It was a failure and quickly went to the bin.

For the year 2015, Blackberry is set to focus on new smartphones. It is going to release the slider BlackBerry phone which has not a name yet; there will be Blackberry Leap device and a Classic style phone with keyboard.

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