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China Coronavirus Updates – How many people died there?

As all of us are witnessing the ferocious spread of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in the U.S. And, it seems that the situation with China Coronavirus is cooling down.

However, many are wondering if the worst has truly passed and what if China is manipulating the numbers.

China Coronavirus situation is stabilizing on paper

For the last couple of weeks, the China Coronavirus outbreak has been subdued, judging by the numbers.

Allegedly, China has 82,543 cases in total, and more than 76,964 recovered and a death toll of 3,300 in whole China.

As we all know, the outbreak originally started in China’s Hubei province in Wuhan, in early December 2019.

However, the dices have turned and now the whole world s suffering from vicious coronavirus pandemic. So, the things in China are, reportedly, calming down.

Next week China’s government will allow people to leave Wuhan, and open their work possibilities.

Namely, the U.S. intelligence community created a secret report. Which proposes that China has concealed the proportions of China Coronavirus outbreak.

Furthermore, White House is getting the report that is stating that China’s reporting on cases. And, deaths is purposely incomplete and that numbers are fake.

Finally, Vice President Mike Pence said on Wednesday that if China had been more forthcoming. The global situation could have been much better.

Why things seem fishy

As China imposed a strict lockdown and cut the people from the outside world. There has been significant suspicion directed at China’s way of reporting numbers – both from the outside and inside the country.

Namely, the Chinese government was continually shiting its methodology for counting cases.

In that light, on one occasion entirely excluding people without symptoms. Which is showing another adding more than 1,500 asymptomatic cases to China Coronavirus total.

Nonetheless, thousands of funeral urns made it to Wuhan. Also, majority of them are by the official China Coronavirus death toll.

However, Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of China’s Global Times, state that secret report is here for the purpose of misleading U.S. citizens. Only for the sole purpose of diverting attention from skyrocketing deaths in the U.S.

Furthermore, it would involve various departments and impeccable coordination among them to cover something as big as the coronavirus.

In that light, Hu said that quick response to China Coronavirus and redirecting medical workers from across the country. That was the key to lessening the death toll.

Anyhow, the world is yet to see the forth comings of the coronavirus. And it is in the global best interest to be as transparent as possible.

Suffice to say, China Coronavirus experience can offer great help in battling this cruel threat. But only if there are unconditional transparency and honesty between the nations.

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