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Coronavirus Live – More than 1 Million Cases

Unfortunately, Coronavirus Live situation is surging with new cases every day. And, the world is experiencing not only global disasters regarding health. Therefore, there are myriad of problems ranging from people losing jobs. And, over instilled panic almost everywhere to the global economy destabilization.

Coronavirus Live situation resulted in global lockdown, but not in the U.S.

As we have all seen, the world is in lockdown, where some countries are reacting more strictly than others. Furthermore, governments across the world issued some sorts of orders for its citizens to stay in their homes. As an attempt to suppress Coronavirus Live escalation of the disease.

However, some  U.S. states are still avoiding applying the strictest of measures. Especially in North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.

Furthermore, Alabama’s Gov. Kal Ivey announced a stay-at-home order statewide on Friday evening effective 5 p.m. local time on Saturday.

President Trump chose not to wear a mask

C.D.C. strongly advised U.S. citizens to wear masks when they go out of their homes. But, President Trump undercut the message saying the decision should be voluntary.

Furthermore, he explained that it is not his thing to wear a mask, even among foreign country officials. And, that it should be upon every individual to decide.

Additionally, as a precaution against Coronavirus Live spread, he selected Brain D. Miller, a former federal prosecutor, to be the special inspector general to supervise the Treasury Department’s bailout fund.

Therefore, this position will be closely monitoring that the stimulus money is administered transparently and as a means to avoid fraud or favoritism.

Early release of prisoners with coronavirus cases

Attorney General William Barr issued an order to the Bureau of Prisons to extend the group of federal inmates qualified for early release.

Furthermore, he ordered to prioritize those where known cases have been detected to prevent the Coronavirus Live spread in prisons.

As we all see, the virus can overwhelm prison medical facilities and hospitals in the close perimeter.

Nonetheless, Coronavirus Live information shows that at least five inmates lost their lives to the coronavirus. So, in prison in Oakdale, two near the prison in Elkton, Ohio.

However, officials that represent the unions of prison workers have advised. That the Coronavirus live numbers in prisons are likely undercounting because of the scarcity of tests.

Anyhow, giving the Coronavirus Live data on the total cases, it is obvious that the spreading is unpredictable. Therefore, for every country individually.

Therefore, the only way to adequately confront this issue and ease the spread for start. Is to closely and transparently test, report and act to keep the outbreak someway under control.

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