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Apple will replace your iPhone 5 battery for free

Recently, people were asked about the one thing that they disliked about their iPhone 5. Many remarked that it was the battery life. It just did not stand up to high performance usage. Well, the good news is that Apple is doing the right thing for those iPhone’s that were purchased between September 12 2012 […]


#HowIMetYourRacism (‘How I Met Your Mother’) Asian kung fu controversy

How I Met Your Racism? The creators of¬† “How I Met Your Mother” have apologized after they were accused of causing offense by including a “silly and unabashedly immature” homage to kung fu movies in the show. During an episode that aired on Monday, Jason Segel’s character travels to China to train with three masters […]

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Cheng Jianping Sentenced To Hard Labor In China Over Twitter Update (Image)

The image above is of Cheng Jianping, 46, who was sentenced to hard labor in China for a Twitter message (retweet actually) that she posted. Question – how do you know you live in a communist regime? Answer, when you get sentenced to “education through hard labor” for a message you tweet. That’s exactly what […]

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North Korea Meeting To Select New Leadership Is Rare Indeed

Something that hasn’t happened in nearly 30 years in North Korea is supposedly underway. With Kim Jong-il’s health¬†deteriorating, the ruling elite of North Korea have made a call to select new leadership. The meeting of the Workers’ Party (WPK) will be asked to appoint new leadership and likely anoint an heir, most likely Kim’s youngest […]


China Now Requires an ID To Purchase a Cell Phone

In a move that seems more like “controlling the population” than it does about selling cell phones, the Chinese government today ruled that anyone in China purchasing a cell phone will be required to have an ID. Some people may see this as China’s efforts to crack down on spam and other criminal activity with […]

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China To Get The iPad via China Unicom

It’s quite possible that with the exception of the United States, China holds the most lucrative market for Apple products – especially when that product is the iPad. On Monday, China’s Caixin Media announced that China Unicom, China’s second largest mobile phone carrier, has won the rights to sell the iPad in the China market, […]


China Now 2nd Largest Economy, But It’s a Communist Country

On Monday it was reported that China has passed Japan as the second largest economy in the world, behind the United States. China’s economy is growing so quickly that some experts believe they will actually surpass the United States to become the number one economy globally by the year 2013. China’s economy is reportedly valued […]