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Apple will replace your iPhone 5 battery for free


Recently, people were asked about the one thing that they disliked about their iPhone 5. Many remarked that it was the battery life. It just did not stand up to high performance usage. Well, the good news is that Apple is doing the right thing for those iPhone’s that were purchased between September 12 2012 and January 2013. Apple will replace your defective iPhone 5 battery for free. What they learned was that a significantly high number of those phones were running out of juice. The iPhone users were simply not getting what they deserved in performance. Check your serial number here to see if you are eligible.

Owners of the iPhone 5 are probably very aware that the product has numerous issues that were very apparent to the users. Unfortunately, the early adopters were the one’s that were first exposed to the iPhone 5s flaws. We all know those early adopters. They are usually the one’s that stand in line for days to get the new gadgets that hit the market. The fact is that the iPhone 5 was only on the market for a year. Apple quickly replaced the smartphone with a better edition, the iPhone 5s. At the time, many new owner’s of the iPhone 5 were wondering why Apple jumped the gun and entered a new smart phone. It was probably due to their expectations concerning the smartphone.

More good news. The iPhone 5 battery replacement is sweeping across the nation and globally. The battery replacement officially started on August 22 in China and the United States. Owner’s of the smartphone should take it to their local Apple dealer or retail store for immediate replacement. One word of advice: Remember to back up all the information on the phone to the cloud. Certainly, owners do not want to lose any of their important data, if something should go wrong during the replacement. Owner’s should jump on board now because Apple will replace your defective iPhone 5 battery for free, and time is running out.

Find out if your iPhone is eligible for battery replacement: Visit Apple.

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