Most Followed Trends on Facebook In 2013

There has always been a race among various niches for catching attention of the public on social media. The trend of discussing various types of things like sports, politics, games, dramas, movies, health, beauty, life style and education etc has … Continued

6 Apps for All Movie Buffs

  Image via Flickr by Sarah_Ackerman Being a movie junkie is serious business. You have to be ready with trivia, movie times, reviews, and a basic synopsis of every movie at the drop of a hat. Luckily, the world of … Continued

Michael Douglas Has A Throat Tumor, Chemo To Follow

Michael Douglas has a throat tumor. A spokesperson for Michael Douglas has confirmed that a tumor has been discovered in Douglas’ throat and that eight weeks of radiation treatment and chemotherapy will follow. Doctors who are taking care of Michael … Continued