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6 Apps for All Movie Buffs

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Being a movie junkie is serious business. You have to be ready with trivia, movie times, reviews, and a basic synopsis of every movie at the drop of a hat. Luckily, the world of movies is at your fingertips when you need it with these five awesome apps.


You can’t be a movie junkie without IMDb; it’s just not possible. This all-inclusive website lets you search for actors, movies, television shows, directors, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The comprehensive lists for each actor covers things like date of birth, home town, where they went to school, acting credits, and other random trivia.

The app version is very user-friendly and makes searching for useless information to impress your friends a breeze. You can search more than two million movie and TV titles and four million celebrities, directors, and crew members. You can also rate movie and TV shows, watch the trailers, and read reviews. It’s available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets for free.


Flixster is great for movie junkies who like to hear from other movie junkies. The social media aspect of this site really sets it apart from others. You can create a public profile of movies you’ve seen, what you rated them, and movies that you’d like to see. You can read critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and reviews from your friends too. The app version shows nearby theaters, based on your location and movie times for each theater.

You can also check reviews and high-quality trailers before you decide. It’s free for Apple and Android and boasts a 4.6 out of 5 star rating.


As a movie junkie, you probably have a pretty great set up at home. Unfortunately, you’re probably on the go so much that you rarely get to enjoy that nerd-heaven of a media room you worked so hard for. The DIRECTV app allows you to keep up to date with current shows as well as stream movies from the comfort of your home TV, through its website, or even through your tablet or smartphone. With so many choices, you’ll never get bored on a long flight or family car ride ever again.

Trailer Addict

Arguably, the best part of the movie theater experience is getting that sneak peek into what’s coming out next. Trailer Addict takes those precious few minutes and makes them infinite. You can see what’s coming soon, what’s currently in theaters, and what’s trending. You can also search by name and find older movies too.

Check out the cool interviews and featurettes for extra insider information. The app is a great escape when you’re too busy to make it to the theater or, heaven forbid, you get there late and miss the previews.


If you’re tired of just watching movies and you’re ready to take the jump into making your own, FxGuru is a great place to start. First you set your action-packed scene. Do you want to film a satellite crash? UFO shuttle landing? A terrible tornado perhaps? The user-friendly prompts help you align your shots, and the Proprietary MotionMatch technology lets you add realistic movement.

The effects are amazing and give you a lot of wiggle room to add in your own creativity. Wow your friends and family with your awesome mini-movies.


A sold out movie is great for Hollywood, but not so great for you. With Fandango, you can buy your tickets online in advance and pick them up at the box office when you get there. Walking past that huge line will feel pretty great, too. The website lets you buy online, watch trailers, and see what’s in theaters and what’s coming soon. You can also check up on your movie news.

The app is super handy on the go and lets you set an alert to go off 90 minutes before your movie so you don’t miss those glorious previews. You can also check out movie reviews from critics and current tweets about the movie as well. Pick out which theater you prefer by browsing theater amenities like stadium seating and wheel chair accessibility, and find the closest ones by connecting to Google Maps for driving directions.

The app even makes purchasing tickets easier by letting you store credit card information and movie reward card numbers. You can also choose your seats in advance and buy gift cards for friends.

So whether you’re at home or on the go, your movie junkie street cred will be safe when you have these apps on hand.

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