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How Modernizing Your Office will Boost the Bottom Line

Parting with your company’s cold, hard cash is never easy, but there’s a big reason to spend money and modernize your office. A workplace revamp is a great way to boost your bottom line. Read on to learn how sprucing up your office can increase your profits.

Ergonomic Workstations Make Employees More Comfortable

Modern ergonomic workstations are designed to maximize employee comfort, but you’ll benefit from their inclusion in the long run. When workers feel better situated and cared for, they’re more productive and more likely to work overtime hours. They’re also less likely to suffer fatigue or injury than employees working with out-dated furniture. It’s telling that more than 80 percent of Canadian patients suffering repetitive strain injuries blame their workplace for the problem.

Modern innovations like ergonomically designed chairs and adjustable desks will make sure your employees are more comfortable, and more productive, in the office. And it might just cut down on sick days and unnecessary leaves of absence.

Modern Work Pods Aid Collaboration

working in a pod

Image via Flickr by Michael Coghlan

Most businesses consider just two options when planning their offices: traditional closed office spaces or a more modern open plan design. In its International Workplace Studies Program report, “Offices That Work”, Cornell University academics found modern open plan offices stimulated better team building, frequent communication, and faster problem solving and conflict resolution than more dated, closed office environments.

However, this study doesn’t tell the whole story. Employees in open-plan offices also say they’re more distracted and stressed, and thus less productive than peers working in separate offices. Workers in open-plan offices are also more likely to call in sick due to the increased risk of spreading viruses.

Companies don’t have to choose one style or the other though. A more modern alternative combines the best of plans, with work pods for collaborative projects and closed offices for solo tasks. This hybrid style is now considered the benchmark of modern office layouts.

The Latest Technology Boosts Productivity

New technology runs more efficiently and is better supported by manufacturers than out-dated models. Employees won’t waste time working with sluggish tools and troubleshooting when your office is equipped with the latest software, computers, and printers. Digital recorders, tablet computers, and other new technology can effectively eliminate the ongoing cost of paper and stationery from your office budget. Bluetooth and GPS-enabled devices can help workers stay connected when they’re away from the office.

These cutting-edge devices aren’t inexpensive, but they can help workers operate more efficiently, which boosts productivity and your bottom line. That makes them great investments in the long-term.

Mobile Device Management Programs Offer Greater Security

With three-quarters of Canadian firms allowing their employees to use personal devices in the workplace, instituting a mobile device management (MDM) program makes good business sense. This modern security solution helps you monitor your employees’ devices to ensure they’re complying with acceptable business practices. An MDM will also help you remotely wipe company data from any device that is lost or stolen, or belonging to a former employee.

Blackberry’s MDM is the only device management solution which can manage Blackberry OS and Blackberry 10 devices, as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. That makes it an excellent option for companies that have a Bring Your Own Device business model, as employees are likely to use a variety of different smartphones and tablets when they’re on the move.

Revamped Workplaces Attract More Customers

American cowboy and social commentator Will Rogers famously said “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Once of the best ways you’ll make yours is with your office. When clients enter your building they’ll assess your décor, your technology, and your office’s aesthetics. Studies show people believe companies with out-dated offices are less trustworthy and less professional than more modern competitors.

It takes just a few seconds for your modern office to create a good impression, but studies show it can attract more customers to your business in the long term.

Cyber Presence Raises Awareness

A modern workplace should go beyond the bricks and mortar space your office occupies. Creating a cyber presence with a company website and social networking profiles can give your firm a global profile and really boost your profits. Last year Canadian businesses sold close to $122 billion worth of goods and services online.

“Whether you sell product or services, you have to have corporate presence on the Internet right away now,” Ryan Gill, President of marketing engagement agency Calgary’s Cult, told the Calgary Herald. “If you don’t take it seriously, neither will consumers. Having a nice corporate site definitely increases the image of your company.”

As your image increases, so does your money-making potential. What better reason could your company have to modernize with a website and a social networking strategy?

So don’t just let your profits sit idle earning a little interest in a bank account. Reinvesting them into your workplace is a much better way to boost your bottom line.

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