Magic Mouse Loses Connection? – Here’s the fix!

magic-mouse-losing-connection-fixIt’s obvious why you’re here.  Your Apple Magic Mouse is having a problem with lost connection?  I had the same problem, one day I went to use my mouse only to find out the batteries inside exploded (leaving a mess of battery acid in my laptop bag and my hands after inspecting the Bluetooth connection issue). I cleaned the mouse up and threw some new batteries in, thinking it would fix the problem, but of course it didn’t!  I tried wiggling, tapping, reconnecting, and every other trick in the book, until I thought of something – the connection seemed intermittent, it would go on and off.  I figured the mouse was either ruined from the batteries exploding or there was a loose connection.  After playing around I realized the batteries actually sat pretty loose in the compartment.  So I took two pieces of folded aluminum foil to snug the connection over the terminals.  You wouldn’t believe it, it worked!  There’s $70 saved, because I would have had to buy a new one since I’m very attached to it’s functionality.

I found the fix for the famous Magic Mouse connection issue and here it is:

Step 1: Rip off a piece of aluminum foil around three inches long.


Step 2: Rip into two smaller strips around a quarter inch wide.  Fold each one in half, then in half again, and again, until it’s a tiny square around a quarter of an inch by a quarter of an inch.  This should be small enough to fit over the terminal in your mouse.

Step 3: Hold your mouse vertically so the terminals point towards the ceiling.  This way you can place the foil on top.  Delicately put the foil piece over the terminal and slide the bottom of the battery over to keep it in place.  Then push the top of the battery in place.  It will keep everything snug if you do it right.  I’m sure you can wrap the foil around the terminal somehow, but this was easiest for me.

magic-mouse-loses-connection-fix-1 magic-mouse-loses-connection-fix-2 magic-mouse-loses-connection-fix-3 magic-mouse-loses-connection-fix-4

Well, that’s it folks, my Magic Mouse lost connection problem was fixed by doing this!

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