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Netflix Hack Day Helps With Improvements

oculus-netflix-hackAs most everyone knows, Netflix is the quality provider of quality videos for individuals who choose to view movies at home. One of the newest events is Netflix Hack day. This is an event that happens every couple of months where Netflix product developers and technical teams play around with the inner workings of Netflix and try out fun and exciting new features. This will allow the developers to come up with valuable features that can be used on Netflix.

One of the newest things that Netflix has discovered is Netflix Hue where they try to match the light with what is happening on your TV or computer screen. There is a disconnect that happens when the lights an the screen are not in sync, and Netflix tries to fix this. Having the screen the same can reduce lag. This is one of the main features that Netflix has experimented with, and can reduce all these lagtime errors with syncing lights and screens together.

Netflix has also been experimenting with Occulus rift. This is not a new thing, but it can put videos in an impressive orb around the screen. This is one of the best things you will find with Oculus rift. This feature gives users a movie theater like experience when they are watching their pictures all around them. Another thing that Netflix hack day has come up with and new features that may shortly be part of Netflix is Netflix Mini. Use Netflix Mini to view a movie in a small window. You can get Netflix Mini simply by using and extension of chrome. You will have a very small floating window in which to do so. You can watch a movie in a small window and not have to worry about flipping back and forth. These are some of the great features of this product. All in all Netflix Hack Day should yield great results for consumers.

Check out the article and examples on the Netflix blog.

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