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Technological Marvels That Have Defined Contemporary Medical Success

Modern technological marvels have changed the world. They have changed the way we live, eat, communicate and what not. And the medical world is not untouched by these techs. The technologies that we once used to see in science fiction movies, the ones that seemed to be impossible, are starting to emerge in the real […]

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9 Technology Entrepreneurs who will Thrive in 2014

Predicting the most successful technology of 2014 is more art than science, but, in examining the trends, some interesting observations present themselves. One is the effort to make security both convenient and effective. The second is the rise of firms with as much interest in their social agendas as in their bottom lines. However, the […]


How to Know When You’re Prepping Too Much

Hurricane, tornadoes, power outages, the zombie apocalypse: they’re all great reasons to start prepping for an uncertain future. Storing supplies and learning new skills is almost always a useful thing, and can be an enjoyable family activity in your spare time. No one knows exactly how many preppers there are in America, as they tend […]

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Hot Dog Injury Lawsuit Could Eliminate Thrown Hotdogs

If John Coomer got hit in the eye from a foul ball at the Kansas City Royals game, the team would have likely paid for his surgeries and suffering.  In this case, John was hit in the eye with a hot dog when a mascot threw a hot dog wrapped in foil. The Missouri Supreme […]


Derek Jeter May Get 3 yr / $45 Million Contract From New York Yankees

Derek Jeter will go in history as one of the all time great Yankees to ever have stepped on the Bronx baseball field. Although Jeter just finished his worst year in his 16 year career with the Yankees – hitting .270 with a .340 on-base percentage and .370 slugging percentage – rumors are that he […]

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Nyjer Morgan Fights, Brawls, & Collisions (Video)

Nyjer Morgan is becoming quite a controversy in Major League Baseball. His fights, brawls, home plate collisions, and other antics of temper are starting to catch up with him and people are starting to talk about how Nyjer Morgan simply needs to go. The Nationals center / left fielder is starting to become not only […]

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Roger Clemens Indicted for Perjury, Lied About Doping

Federal authorities are reportedly going to indict Roger Clemens on charges of perjury for making false statements to Congress while under oath about his use of “performance enhancing drugs.” It was not quite three years ago when Roger Clemens and his former trainer, Brian McNamee, where summoned to Washington D.C. to testify before the House […]