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Google Giving $6 Credit to Chromecast Users as a Valentine’s Day Gift


If you are a US-based Google Chromecast user, we have good news for you. Several sources have reported that Google is offering a $6 Play Store credit to all the Chromecast users residing in U.S on Valentine’s Day.

Chromecast is simply a replacement for your HDMI cable. The added benefit is you can purchase movies from Google and watch them on your HD TV. Chromecast dongle streams media from your mobile to your HD TV screen and is one of the widely used streaming device in The United States. It costs just $35 and according to CNET, it has much free content available, so much that it is practically free.

What does Google want from this give away is obvious. This give away puts Google ahead of its rivals like Roku or Amazon’s TV play. Some sources also report the availability of this offer to Chromecast users in U.K. Google aims at increasing purchase of videos from its play store than other sources.

To receive the free credit, a user needs to meet a few requirements. Main requirements are having a Chromecast account and being a citizen of U.S. To claim this offer, you will just have to click on this link. There you are requested to confirm owning a Chromecast device and continue to check for available offers. Then you will join the network of your Chromecast gadget. If you are visiting this link from office, it won’t work. You have to be on the same network as you Chromecast streaming device is. There you will be asked to enter you Chromecast ID and verify it. After verifying your ID you will get a “redeem” button. Clicking it will add a $6 credit into your Play Store account.

This $6 credit is not compulsory to be used on movies. Once you have claimed the offer, the money is yours. You can spend it on anything in Play Store.

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