Bobby Brown Died – Is Bobby Brown Really Dead?

Bobby Brown Died – Is Bobby Brown Really Dead?

Wow, so tonight is apparently reserved for some pretty outlandish rumors getting started on the web. First we had the rumor of Justin Bieber kissing a boy, now there are rumors popping up that Bobby Brown died.

C’mon people, someone out there reading this must know the real deal on Bobby Brown.

Is Bobby Brown really dead?

You would think that there would already be confirmed reports from somewhere, just like when Michael Jackson died. But as it is now, it’s just sporadic rumors on the web.

According to the, a chunk of the rumors seem to be stemming from Twitter, where users are reporting he succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 41 (his actual age, so there’s an iota of plausibility there).

Bobby Brown has not really been in the news lately and his name has really flown below the radar the past couple of years. I guess that’s why nobody really knows right now if the “Bobby Brown died” rumors are true or just that… rumors.

So what do you think?

Does anyone have any more solid updates on Bobby Brown being dead or not?