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Instagram Hits Major Landmarks in 2013: Ever Increasing Trends

Instagram is making progress by leaps and bounds with every day since its foundation was laid by Facebook in 2012. It has provided awesome features to its users with tremendous photos and videos sharing capabilities. Instagram direct brings new flavor to the unique App by providing the capability to share photos and videos with individuals […]

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Forget .com, How About .gaga, .bieber, or .ipad?

According to HuffPost, the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers (or ICANN), has apparently approved the creation of generic domain names. For example, we could soon be visiting sites with domain names such as .gaga (aka, Lady Gaga), .bieber (really…?), .facebook, and even .porn (not good since there is already the .xxx domain name […]


Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber Beach Photos

I’m really of the opinion that the Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber photoshoot at the beach was 100% staged to do one thing – sell magazines. I know that Bill O’Reilly had issues with this. After all, Kim Kardashian is 42 years old and Justin Bieber is what… 16? But regardless, here you have two extremely […]


Shaq Sings ‘I Love You Justin’ To Justin Bieber (Video)

Did Shaq really just serenade Justin Bieber? Yes, it’s true! Don’t believe me? Then check out the video below. This video was shot during a Justin Bieber concert rehearsal in Phoenix, Arizona where The Shaq showed up and decided to sing to Justin Bieber. I would have to say that Shaq pretty much put the […]

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World Cup Dominated Justin Bieber in Google Search

Over the past 30 days, the World Cup has absolutely dominated the search engine trends beating powerhouses such as Justin Bieber and Twilight. Typically, Justin Bieber steals the show both in Google search and in Twitter trends. But over the last month, nothing – not even Justin Bieber – could come close to comparing to […]

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Justin Bieber Trumps Eclipse, Twilight Saga in Popularity (Video)

Justin Bieber Trumps Eclipse, Twilight Saga in Popularity (Video) This year, June 30th carried heavy implications in the world of teenage girls within the United States. 1)  Justin Bieber’s My World tour kicked off in Hartford, Connecticut 2)  The Twilight Saga movie, Eclipse kicked off throughout the United States So the epic battle of the […]


Justin Bieber Breaks Neck (Justin Bieber Rumor)

Justin Bieber Breaks Neck (Justin Bieber Rumor) This information is very sparse at the moment, but I’m reading in a couple of places that CNN has reported that Justin Bieber has broken his neck in a car accident.  Can anyone else provide some links below to this story of whether or not Justin Bieber did […]