Plentyoffish Login, Login Problems, Not Responding

Plentyoffish Login, POF Login Problems, Not Responding pof login

The free Internet dating site is reportedly having problems this morning with its servers and it’s more specifically, with the login function. Users are experiencing difficulties getting logged in to (POF) – otherwise known to some as is considered the worlds largest online dating website by most people and standards. And the biggest draw to is that it is 100% free. So how much traffic does generate? How about 1.6 billion webpages each month! That’s right – that’s billion with a “B”.

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I cannot receive messages.. and when i send messages out, it is not received. has been like this for 5 days.. pls help and answer me via my e mail address please thanks gene

hey what happen? I was sending a message and the system kickrd me off and wont let me back on.Bummer!

i was on the site ,and it went off sayin no server ,and i cant get back on ,nuthin rong with net coz i can get other sites .

This is not the 1st time this site has been down,just wandering how many more times will it go out again. It's been out for days ands days now and i know not only me is very frustracted with this site but there are others as well. If u don't want to lose custmers i surjest that u try working on it.

I like p.o.f. this is the first time i have had a problem trying to connect i sure hope it comes back soon

Wahh blings me pof tings damn site is foooooooooooooooooooookin doin me head in lol, come on i gotz bear manz i need to get in touch wiv hahaha, baby if ya give it to me i'll give it to u :)

hey there im having trouble for the last few days getting onto the pof site i cannot even get to the site and when i do the next day or same day if says its busy! IM SO SICK OF THIS HAPPENING ITS NOT MY COMPUTER! WTF IS GOING ON


It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

this is my first day on POF and Im very disapointed. Recomended by a friend ? It seems like alot of trouble 2 use.

i keep getting an error that says no signups from this IP are allowed and i never had gotten this before

its been almost a week!i cant get
on my pof site!!!This is BS!!I also keep getting NO EMAIL!!then password is wrong!!!

no contacts!!!!

if its not broke dont fix it , this is bull crap i cant log in and cant get any help … pof needs to help me …

Hi joe,

Did you try using a different browser? Ex: if you’re using Internet Explorer, try using firefox of google chrome. Often old browsers cause these issues, if it’s not a problem with the actual server or website.

pof is shit….it not worth it…always get me down..i really fed up with this….always no server..what have I done?!!!!!

also saying to me, sorry can’t sign up access of your local area….what the f**k?! so what the problem anyway…manys of men and woman need looking for love a relationship!! not a blocker again, again and again…

I can’t log in. WTF, Fix the shit. I was in the middle of a confersation and it shut off and now it wont let me log in.

01 April 2014. I have been unable to login to POF for over a week. Lost out on firming up 2 dates because of this. Really really upset. Says my email isn’t recognised by their database.
Anyone tell me what’s going on and when this might be fixed?

Site crashed nearly 4 days now lost poss meet for weekend plus friends,are they fixing it ,just won’t let me log in ,there is no contact email that I can see ?

You know people think this site is for getting laid. I don’t understand maybe I’m to old but I just like to get a nice guy for what years I have left but now I can’t get on so Il just go to other sites and pay for a good chance to live again. Mary.

I been trying for month doing diff emails and pass words it cum on but
wen i try to talk it just goes of i recon thy wont ya to uppgrade so u got pay for it

Site is down, will NOT load, and has not been available or will not open for over 2-4 Months. At best it opens 50% of the time.

Good to know I’m not the only one having this problem. This has gone on way too long. I haven’t been able to log in for months. I going to another dating site, but I’m sure they’re all connected in someway. Ugh

i can not log in been on here 7 years same password .. even reluctantly tried to alter password it will not accept my email and password,,, tried customer service help waste of time nothing happens emails they send no help.pof helpline terrible

I’m still unable to login into my POF account. They send me emails but when I try to login, it cycles from verify, to meet me, to login. What gives?

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