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Javonte Douglas Dunk – Head Over Rim (video)

Central Florida Patriots’ Javonte Douglas could have had one of the best dunks of all time.  Javonte, the 6’7 sophomore, jumps on a rebound and seems to have his head above the rim.  The crowd jumps to their feet for … Continued

“No Woman, No Drive” YouTube Video {Viral}

A controversial law banning Saudi Arabian women from driving is now at the end of a hilarious YouTube video mocking the absurd law.  Comedian Hisham Fageeh’s video is titled “No woman, No Drive”. The video has already had 5.8 million … Continued

Insane Cliff Jump Goes Terribly Wrong {Video}

This absolutely insane video of a cliff jumper landing flat on the water went viral the past few days.  No one knows the real story about how the jumper made out after the terrifying splash.  Some say there were no … Continued

Georgia Tech College Student’s Speech is Epic

I usually don’t use the word “epic”, but I think this video is an exception.  During Georgia Tech’s annual welcome event for entering students a sophomore, mechanical engineering major Nicholas Selby blasts off an amazing speech that leaves everyone shocked.  … Continued