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Google Photos: Save, Manage, Share High Resolution Photos and Videos on the Cloud for Free

Google has launched its Photos app, and it has made headlines lately, thanks to its perfect user interface, resolution and freemium pricing model. Google Photos was being used by the search engine giant in its flopped Google Plus platform. This is the reason why it couldn’t garner much attention. Google has now launched it as a  standalone app for web (Mac and Windows) and iPhone and Android apps.

Google Photos app lets you save videos and photos on the Cloud for free. You can save all the photos and videos without any limitation of space. You could also manage your photos from mobile and web from anywhere in the world for free.

Google Photos app doesn’t contain the nuisance of making a Google Plus account first. You can share your photos from Google Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email.

Google Photos uses some pretty useful mechanisms to organize the photos across the Cloud. If you want to search a photo, it will give you three options: People, Things, Places.

You can also make Stories and impressive collage for your photos on the Cloud.

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