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Google to Launch Game Streaming Service “YouTube Gaming”

Google has announced a new game streaming service called “YouTube Gaming”, which will be launched by this summer in the US and UK. A gaming service by Google was awaited since long. Google was also trying to land the billion dollar game streaming market. It tried to acquire Twitch—the famous game streaming service— but failed because Amazon won the deal.

In a blog post, Google announced that users will be able to live stream their gaming experience in the form of exciting videos. The new game streaming service by Google will be separate from the YouTube’s native platform. So for example, if you are looking to search for the game streaming channels for the game “Assassins Creed”, typing “Assassin” will immediately show the recommended game streaming channels for the Assassins Creed game, and not any song or other video having the word Assassin.

YouTube Game streaming service will have a lot of catching up to do because Twitch is already the juggernaut in the game streaming markets. Thousands of people use this service to live streaming their gaming experiences.

Google says that using YouTube gaming, the live streams will be automatically convertible to YouTube videos. This is a nice feature which could imbibe many users.

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