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Facebook’s Timeline Algorithm will Curate Content Based on Time You Spend on Posts

Facebook has made yet another change in the way it curates the content for its users on their timelines. Facebook says that it will fixate the timeline content selection for a user based on the time spent by him/her on the posts. So for example, if you just scroll past the useless baby photos or news links, Facebook algorithm will get to know that you are not interested in these two things. The new algorithm will learn, record and mature itself, and your timeline will start getting smarter and enjoyable for you as the time passes. On the other hand, the algorithm will also inculcate the content where you spend more time. So whether it’s some funny 9GaG post, stalking other comments, spending time of some useful long article links, Facebook’s back-end brain will take due note and curate the content for you based on these timers.

Facebook has started making timelines change swiftly. The social media giant know that content is king; and the user growth will not increase if the users are getting inundated with useless content they don’t like.

The recent change is big, as it does not take clicks, likes and comments as its major metric of users’ interest. The algorithm will decide based on the time spent by the users and not the proper interaction with the posts. This would impact business pages on Facebook.

Facebook will start kicking off this algorithm in two weeks.

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