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Eminem knocked out by Mike Tyson in the new Godzilla video

Eminem, a 47-year-old God of rep finished lying on the street in his new video “Godzilla”. He was knocked out by Mike Tyson, a famous heavy-weight boxing champion.

Namely, Eminem though it is a great idea to have Mike, and add a bit of acting to his new video.

Tyson said he enjoyed giving Eminem face punch

Former boxer said that he enjoyed this short cameo.

Nonetheless, the fans also said it is incredible and surprisingly enough to see both of the legends, Mike and Em, showing up in the lyrical lemonade video.

Additionally, one more famous rap legend makes its appearance.

The video starts with Slim Shady, getting drunk from Godzilla Whiskey. However, he uncovers that this whiskey turns him into a monster.

Furthermore, in the next scenes, we see Shady slamming a variety of all kinds of alcohol, shooting from a missile launcher and even vomiting a pile of Legos.

Additionally, while climbing to the mountain made of his albums Eminem rhymes that he has no plans to retire and that he is a still man (the fans) admire.

Furthermore, while rapping and breaking the asphalt as he walks, Eminem takes a sucker-punch from Myke.

After that, we see Eminem, vividly shocked, recovering from the punch and asking the boxer is it him, is it Mike.

Likewise, the next scene shows the boxer saying he is sorry and that he didn’t recognize Em.

Anyhow, Em is at the hospital lying in the bed where we see another version of Eminem and Dr. Dre trying to patch him up.

However, Myke Tyson jumps in once again, trying to put a band-aid on Eminem’s face.

Godzilla is devoted to Juice WRLD who died from a seizure

Eminem’s new music video is featuring Juice WRLD. Juice WRLD, Jarad Higgins, died from a seizure in December last year.

Nonetheless, text saying “In Loving Memory Of Jarad “Juice WRLD” Higgins” shows up at the end of the video succeeding the montage featuring the repper.

It continues by saying Juice WRLD will be remembered forever and by thanking him for “changing the WRLD”.

Additionaly, fans said they are very sad that Juice WRLD had gone and isn’t in the video to throw some rhymes.

Nonetheless, the fans also said as a comment to Em’s music video that he looks extremely young for a  47-year-old man. They were also amazed at how much words can he rhyme in a minute.

Therefore, there are a lot of funny comments on youtube saying that even the biggest fans cannot sing with him on his concerts.

In that light, Eminem also broke his record in this video.

Reportedly, Shady rapped 224 words containing a total of 330 syllables in 30 seconds towards the end of the third verse of “Godzilla”.

All in all, Eminem made very interesting music with all kinds of cool effects and scenes. If you haven’t watched it yet, by all means, do it.

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