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Effective Business Web Design Tips You Need to Know Asap

A business’ website can make or break them. Check out these business web design tips and tricks and make sure you’re getting the greatest customer reach you can.

effective business web design tips

Are you creating a new or revamped website for your business? Business web design doesn’t have to be complicated or challenging, but there are certain standards you should follow when you’re building out your design.

Let’s take a look the basic principles of web design and web layout so your project can be completed with success.

Business Web Design Principles

There are many things you can do that will make your website design look professional, clean, and trustworthy. This is true for all design, including graphic design, newsletter design, or even SmashBrand packaging design. Here are the most basic guidelines to adhere to.

Color Combinations

Having the right colors on your website can help to keep business on your site. If the colors are light and the text can be read with ease, your audience is going to stay around longer than if the text cannot be read. Dark background with little contrast makes it difficult to read.

Colors also convey meaning. Take into account the types of colors you’re using and what these colors portray to a user. For example, using a bright color might display danger while a dark blue will present professionalism.

Headlines and Taglines

Having a tagline on your website not only shows your business motto but also helps with search engine optimization. Make sure those that visit your website immediately know what your company is about and what they stand for.

Having a tagline that accurately shows your business tagline will capture their attention and make them want to stick around on your site a little bit longer.

Page Layout

When you’re designing your web page, it’s important that you divide that pages into appropriate categories. Don’t keep everything on your entire website on the same page. It will make it difficult for users to find what they are looking for if they come to your site with a specific topic in mind.

When you’re building your menu, keep separate topics all on separate tabs in your menu. The easier it is to navigate through your site, the easier people will be able to find information.

Pop Up Ads

Have you ever gone to a site that while scrolling you keep getting interrupted by annoying pop-ups? Pop-ups are a no-no in today’s website design world. If you’re like most, the annoyance of pop-ups keeps you from continuing on down a page.

If you build your website without pop-ups, it will be more respectful to potential and current clients. If you’d like to do advertising, you should be doing advertising outside of pop-ups such as digital advertising on Google.

Photographs and Videos

Including videos and photos on your site will help keep it looking more professional and put together. If you have huge blocks of text with nothing to break it up, you can lose your audience easily. Photos and videos give the reader a break and make it more user-friendly.

Getting Started

Now that you know the basic guidelines of business web design, you have a great place to start.

Review the tips that you’ve been given when building your website plan for design to make sure it’s matching the best principles.

If you’re interested in learning about how to incorporate SEO into your website design as well, check us out here.

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